Health - Cash Claims

You can submit your cash claim by sending the required documents from the list below to this email Reimbursementclaims@alrajhitakaful.com


  • Cash reimbursement claim will only apply to cases submitted within 30 days as specified in the policy and up to max SAR 10,000.
  • Kindly attach Max 10 MB of file size in one email. For larger file size, you may send in more than one part”.
  • Al Rajhi Takaful reserves the right to ask for any type of supporting document including original & information in relevance of customer’s submitted claim. Failure to provide the same might result in non –acceptance of the claim.

Required Documents

  1. Attach required documents
    • Fully completed claim form duly signed by the Attending Physician DOWNLOAD FORM
    • Copy of the medical Insurance Card
    • Copy of the National ID/Iqama
    • Original Itemized Invoices with cost breakdown (item by item)
    • Payment receipts
    • Results of Diagnostic Investigations
    • Medical Report
    • Copy of IBAN number with name of the bank and beneficiary Name
    • Discharge summary from the hospital (in case of admission)
    • Doctor’s prescription of Medicines
    • Refraction test results signed and stamped by Ophthalmologist (for optical claim)
    • Copy of exit re-entry visa (in case of treatment outside KSA as per policy benefit) along with prior approval from Al Rajhi Takaful

  1. Attach required documents
    • Copy of the medical Insurance Card
    • Copy of the Iqama
    • Completed medical expenses claims form DOWNLOAD FORM
    • Medical Report documenting events leading to the member’s death
    • Coroner’s Report (from ministry of health)
    • Policy Report
    • Original Invoice for Air Carrier’s charges – from KSA to country of origin
    • Embalming Certificate from MOH.
    • Copy of final Exit Visa/ Exit Certificate
    • NOC (No objection Certificate from the Embassy of Deceased country of Origin).
    • Original invoice for Morgue Charge (if any)
    • Original invoice for Embalming Charges (if any)
    • Original invoice for Ziegler Case (If any)