Visitor Visa Extension


  • This Policy shall only be issued for the visitors who are already in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are seeking for their visa extension.
  • Please make sure to enter correct Passport, VISA and Border number details.
  • Policy upload to CCHI will be successful if all the details entered are correct.
  • Policy Effective Date should be Visa expiry date mentioned in Abshaer.
  • Passport and Visa Details

    Passport Number*
    Visa Number*
    Visa Expiry Date (MM/DD/YYYY - as per Absher) * Kindly select the visa expiry date as per your Absher account

    I hereby declare that all the information I had provided to obtain this policy is correct and accurate including but not limited to the visit Visa Expiry Date I have provided above is as per Absher Account and the same will be attached for Al Rajhi Takaful verification.

    If visit visa expiry date provided mismatched or having an active policy with ART or Competitor for the same period at any point of time then policy will be considered Null & Void, Al Rajhi Takaful reserves the full rights to reject approvals and claims related to Null & Void policy based on the false declaration and /or any incorrect and misleading information provided by you.

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