March 2018

Renew your insurance easily through one of our multiple channels and get a discount up to 50% upon renewal!


No Claim Discount (NCD)

No. of years of NCDNCD for TPL*NCD for Comprehensive*
1Up to 10%Up to 15%
2Up to 20%Up to 25%
3Up to 30%Up to 35%
4Up to 40%Up to 50%
5Up to 50%Up to 60%

*Discounts are applicable only in case all vehicles owned by customer are insured and there is no gap over 30 days between the previous policy and the current one.

Multiple Vehicle discount

  • Increase your discount with every vehicle insured by 2.5% with a maximum of 10% for 5 vehicles

Loyalty discount

  • Get a loyalty discount of 5 % and a maximum of 10 % for the second year onwards when renewing two years in a row

Renew your insurance now easily through one of our multiple channels and Get the discount you deserve.


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