About Al Rajhi Takaful


Al Rajhi Takaful is set to revolutionise your insurance experience in KSA. Our business is based on the core principles of ethics and fairness and we shun undue commercial enrichment at the expense of you, our customers. It is these principles that will make Al Rajhi Takaful the ideal choice for you and for all sections of Saudi Arabian society.

The Company will be promoted by premier and well-respected institutions along with prominent institutional and individual investors.

With Al Rajhi Takaful you can be rest assured that your insurance needs are managed by a team of dedicated, professional and experienced insurers who have committed themselves to this model of insurance.

Al Rajhi Takaful is fully geared to meet the challenges in the market. The company, with the strength of its highly motivated staff and backed by state-of-the-art information technology platform, is capable of delivering on our promise of providing you with first-class services and adding value to the Saudi economy. The company also aims to spread the use of Takaful in KSA.


We help guard against everyday risks, endeavor to craft only the most responsive Shari'ah complaint products, deliver beyond expectations, and perfect the art of customer satisfaction.

We expand the investors' horizon, and we keep our team a family.


To be the most preferred Takaful solutions provider which enhances the quality of life of everyone it serves


Customer Centric

We always consider our customer's ineterests as our our higehst priority and strive to meet their needs instantly with out 24/7 customer service line. We apply the ethical principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and trustworthiness when dealing with our clients and always try ro exceed their expectations to keep them out happy and loyal customers.

In Harmony With Shariah

We work with harmony with our Shariah principles and regulations and apply the heighest ethical standards in our dealings with our customer's stakeholdersand employees.

Competent Performers

There's no doubt that customer's satifactions start with having a fully trained, dedicated and professional staff. We aim to provide our employees with long-term career opportunities and invest in their training and development encouraging them thus to progress and grow with us. Efforts and good performance shall always be rewarded.

Based on our objective to enhance value for shareholders and gain their confidence, we seek to achieve fair and prompt disclosure to shareholders, investors and others interested in the market by providing them with accurate information on the financial situation of the company and other finance related matters.

Board of Directors

Mr. Abdallah Sulaiman Al Rajhi (Chairman)Mr. Saud Abdullah Al Rajhi (Vice - Chairman)
Mr. Ahmed Samer Al ZaeemMr. Saleh Abdullah Alzumaie
Mr. Naser Abdullah AloufiMr. Ali Hadi Al Mansour
Mr. Qusai Abdullah AlFakhriMr. Naif Abdullah Al Rajhi

The Board is accountable for providing leadership for the company. It ensures that sound strategy and controls are in place in order to deliver value to shareholders, employees and the community.

One of our key strengths is our notable Board of Directors, which is the ultimate decision-making body of Al Rajhi Takaful. The Board is responsible for providing leadership for the company. It ensures that the right strategy and controls are in place in order to deliver value to shareholders, employees and the community. The Board is composed of eight members with a diverse knowledge and expertise base, and a balanced skill set that gives Al Rajhi Takaful an outstanding competitive edge. The Board primarily focuses on long-term financial returns and the best interest of all Al Rajhi Takaful’s stakeholders: customers, shareholders and employees, as well as the Saudi community in which the company operates. Moreover, the Board’s role is to set the company’s values, strategy and key policies, along with pursuing and maintaining its long-term success. Such role is accomplished through providing business leadership, sound strategies and risk management oversight to ensure that risks are assessed and properly managed. The Directors meet at least six times per year for discussions on matters that are important to shareholders.